Kapha’s are elephants, patient, loyal, forgiving, stable, strong and compassionate.

Those with Kapha body types are enormously easy-going with a grounded disposition. Calm, stable, supportive, and reliable natured. They care deeply for their friends and family. Their element characteristics are cool, wet, heavy, dense, and stable – intolerant of the cold, damp environments, and very heavy sleepers.

Kapha’s digestions are slower, thus, they tend to gain weight easily when imbalance. They may also experience fluid retention, lethargy, and indigestion. One of the first signs of imbalance Kapha is likely to be a sluggish metabolism, followed by a feeling of heaviness and a lack of general motivation. Kapha’s can also become needy, resistant to change and stubborn when out of balance.

When Kapha’s are in balance, the tongue is in fresh pink colour with medium thickness and light tongue coating. When out of balance, Kapha’s have pale red colour and tooth-marked tongue body (due to Yang deficiency). The Yang deficiency causes accumulation of water-dampness in the body which leads to enlarged tongue which in turn causes the teeth to make imprints on the tongue. Thick tongue coating may indicate slow metabolism which might present as fatigue, slow digestion, or cold limbs.