Pitta’s are lions, natural leaders often seen as the head of the pack. Ambitious,
fearless, decisive, and courageous.

Those with Pitta body types are aggressive yet competitive in nature, with dynamic personalities, a strong appetite, and they certainly know how to talk! Their core characteristics are hot, oily skin, sharp and mobile. A Pitta body are medium build, muscular and strong with good stamina. They lose weight quickly due to their fast metabolic rate. They cannot tolerate the heat, nor humidity, and crave cold environments.

When Pitta is out of balance, they tend to excessive perfectionism, irritability, and outbursts of anger. They become short-tempered, judgmental, and jealous. They can also experience skin rashes, acne, excessive body heat, indigestion, inflamed (red) or light sensitive eyes and are prone to inflammation of muscle.

When Pitta’s are in balance, the tongue is in fresh pink colour with medium thickness and light tongue coating. When out of balance, Pitta’s have dark red colour and wide tongue body (due to liver and stomach fire). Thin tongue coating indicates stomach Yin deficiency. Thus, Pitta’s might feel feverish, restless or indigestion.