Vata’s are butterflies, moving quickly from flower to flower. Energetic, enthusiastic, creative and friendly.

Those with Vata body types are all about movement – always with imaginative ideas that change direction as quickly as the wind! Generally open, tolerant of others, energetic yet sporadic. Their element characteristics are cold, dry, swift, and irregular. They have an erratic appetite and are light sleepers – falling asleep quickly in a comfy chair with a soft, snuggly blanket. Physically, Vata types have a light body frame, delicate body shape, often with dry skin and hair. The light conditions of Vata Dosha and average appetite ensures that they find it difficult to gain weight and are generally slim.

Symptoms of Vata imbalance include nervous disorder (anxiety), fidgeting, agitation, restlessness and feeling ungrounded. Some physical symptoms of Vata imbalance include bloat, constipation, dry skin, irregularity in bowel movements, insomnia, and disorders in muscle and joints.

When Vata’s are in balance, the tongue is in fresh pink colour with medium thickness and light tongue coating. When out of balance, Vata’s have red colour & slim tongue body (due to excessive heat in the body or Yin deficiency). None or less tongue coating indicates dehydration that might present as dry throat or constipation.