Pitta Calming Blend

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Our Pitta Calming herbal tea calms your intense mind with Mother Nature. A stevia leaf-based blend with Citrus notes, it helps suppress cravings and balances your digestion distress. Natural active agents in the stevia leaf decreases swelling and balances sebum production in your body for glowing skin and all-day nourishment. Trichosanthes, also known as the Chinese cucumber, offers a lung-nourishing effect for enhanced moisture and free-flowing function.

This is a soothing blend to relieve irritability and impatience, to help soothe digestive distress, to cool yourself in hot weather, to calm your intense mind, and to balance Pitta Dosha.

  • Stevia Leaf, Lotus Leaf, Citrus Peel, Teichosanthes
  • Decrease swelling and promote glowing skin
  • Vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free
  • Pitta: derives from the Sanskrit word meaning “warmth” and “transformation”

Blend story: Pitta’s are lions, natural leaders often seen as the head of the pack. Ambitious, fearless, decisive and courageous.

Blend nature: Sweet. Cooling.

Find Your Balance

Balance is the true key to a healthy lifestyle. However, imbalances are often impacted by busy modern lives, relationship stress and poor diets that causes a lack of harmony in our bodies. Learn to live a successful and abundant life by approaching your health from its core by balancing your Dosha, made possible with our fusion teas specially blended for the three main Ayurvedic Body Type (Dosha) – Kapha, Pitta and Vata. Find out your Dosha with our unique Dosha + TCM Quiz.